10 Best blogs for Self Care

10 Best blogs for Self Care

More than any other source, we tend to depend on blogs for most information today.

Blogs have a very personal way of conveying what we need.

Reading blogs is like talking to a friend. Since most blogs focus on niche topics, we can find exactly what we’re looking for.

One such genre includes blogs on self-care.

We’re all on the path to becoming better people and living our lives to the fullest.

There is no sure recipe to it, but since we’re so used to following directions to do pretty much anything, some of us could do with instructions and how-tos for improving ourselves.

Self-care blogs are the answer to this.

Self-care actually includes everything else we may want to do, like getting in shape, learning a new skill, or becoming more productive.

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So if you follow a self-care blog, you’ll most likely get everything you need out of one place. Here are our picks of the best and most inspiring blogs on self-care:

1. The Blissful Mind

The Blissful Mind

Quoting their home page, it is ‘your guide to finding calm in the everyday’ and seriously, what more could a person ask for in life?

The blog has a beautiful, minimal user interface that brims with elegance and charm. It is run by Catherine, who is a certified wellness and mindset coach.

The blog deals with topics such as productivity, mindfulness, wellness and financial advice.

2. Smart Twenties

Smart Twenties

If you’re in your twenties and wondering what to do with your life, Smart Twenties is the blog for you.

It will help you breeze through those best early years of your adulthood.

We might often catch ourselves wondering whether we are living our lives to the fullest. Well, this blogs tells you exactly how to do that.

The blog was created by Sam Brown, a 27-year old who lives in Australia. The blog deals with personal growth, productivity, career advice, and lifestyle.

This blog is bound to mould you into the best version of yourself.

3. Cait Flanders

cait flanders

This blog is simple, and yet bold in a subtle way.

It deals primarily with financial topics such as budgeting, cutting down on expenses on so on.

The blogger, Cait Flanders, seeks to focus on ‘mindful consumption.’ This is a great blog if you are seeking financial advice and want to control your expenditure.

According to the blog, you can learn to do so by depending less on commercial products and being more self-reliant, by creating more.

Flanders narrates the inspiring story of how she paid off her $30,000 debt in two years by cutting back on her costs.

4. Embracing Simple Blog

Embracing simple blog

This blog has a simple name with a simple goal of living a simple life.

This blog, founded by Chicago based blogger Christina, encourages you to lead simple and fulfilling life.

The blog deals with topics such as self-development, health, simple living, home, saving money, organizing your life and so on.

If you wish to start living a simple life, learning how to be frugal with your expenses, this is the blog for you.

5. Career Girl Daily

Career Girl Daily

This the go-to blog for every girl boss in the making.

It is the redemption for all those women out there who put their career in front of everything else.

This London based blog focuses on all topics related to building up your career, while also concentrating on other aspects such as beauty, fashion, lifestyle and how they can be used to advance your career too.

The blog has a simple, practical interface, one which is not cluttered with too much text or pictures.

6. The Sunday Chapter

sunday chapter

This blog is a one-stop destination for a variety of topics under fashion, travel, beauty, food, and lifestyle.

It’s one of those blogs that provide for all advice a person needs in one place. The blog motivates readers to lead a happening life, full of joy and adventure.

The very name, ‘Sunday Chapter’ was used because the blogger, Angela Giakas, spent her Sundays planning adventures and finding new destinations.

If you seek a stylish, adventurous life, this is the blog for you.

7. The Elgin Avenue

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 8.54.32 PM.png

The Elgin Avenue, by Monica Beatrice Welburn, is all about inspired and stylish living.

This blog talks about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and career. There is an element of beauty in everything that is posted on this blog, especially the photography.

Moreover, this blog isn’t run by a single person, it has a number of interesting guest contributors. The blog is accompanied by a podcast, “Let’s Discuss” on living a happy and fulfilling life.

8. Best Kept Self

Best Kept Self

“Self-help for the self-employed,” says the tagline of this blog.

It is a blog on self-care and personal development for women who probably ignore it the most: entrepreneurs. The blog focuses on mind, health and beauty matters along with business tips.

If you find yourself uncomfortably juggling work and personal lives, you must visit this blog. It will surely help in striking a healthy balance between the two.

9. Verily Mag

Verily Mag

Verily Mag cannot be called just a blog, it is a full-on online magazine that every woman needs.

According to the website, the focus is on “less of who you should be, more of who you are.” It deals with articles on beauty, lifestyle, fashion, culture, relationships, and pretty much everything else you would need advice on.

What is impressive is that the magazine has a strict ‘no-photoshop’ policy, which means they don’t doctor their images to make women conform to popular standards of beauty.

10. The Wonder Forest

The Wonder Forest

I cannot put into words the love I have for the name of this blog. It has an enchantment to it, one which is so rightly conveyed in its content too.

This blog can be summarized in three simple words: create, explore, inspire. It is built in such a way that the reader too has to do a little bit of exploration to get around. It was founded in 2011 by artist and designer Dana Fox.

The blog also has an online shop with a variety of home décor, art prints, and other such products. The Wonder Forest is for those women out there who brim with wanderlust.

So, whether you’re simply looking for blogs to read in spare time, or to start an actual life to change routine, these blogs are some of the best out there.

Try to find for yourself the right combination of what you want to become and what you already are, so that you end up with an impeccable version of yourself.