32 Ways on How to be Positive in 2018

32 Ways on How to be Positive in 2018.png

Having positive thoughts is the best way to stay motivated and focused. How to be positive is a question we ask ourselves when we are demotivated or distracted with the lows in our life! It is really important to have a positive energy in us to get us through our day, keep moving forward and achieve our goals.

“Having a positive mental attitude is asking how something can be done rather than saying it can’t be done.” - Bo Bennett

Having a relationship with God

The best part about having a relationship with God is you get to talk to him all time. You feel connected to him and that will definitely help you stay positive. Don’t just pray and complain all the time. Every day, start with a prayer of thanksgiving and be grateful for everything you have in the present.


Be Open Minded

You will not always be getting everything you want in life no matter how desperately you want it. If something has not happened the way you wanted it to happen, just believe that something better is in store for you! Learn to accept the bad things and believe that it is not the end.


Have some "ME” time

Be it meditation or a walk small walk in the park, it is really important to give yourself some alone time. Do not hesitate to go out all by yourself, treat yourself to a nice lunch or breakfast, watch a movie and just spend time with yourself. Give yourself the pleasure to just breath and live free for a moment. Being by yourself is not sad, it is just you being independent to do things by yourself.


Make it happen

Don’t just dream, make it happen! Make a plan of action for that dream/vision and get to work. Keep yourself busy with the goals you have in mind and run wild with it. Keep yourself inspired by reading some inspiring quotes and stay motivated and focused.


Everyone has flaws

It is important for us to accept our flaws. Never let others talk you down. Always be secure with who you are no matter what people tell you. They themselves have flaws and are much more insecure about themselves than you are! Learn who your true mates are and ignore the rest. One day when you look back, you will see how far you’ve come and you will laugh at those situations!


Forgive and forget

To stay happy and optimistic in life, you need to let go of all the pain from the past. It is important to get closure of the negative situation in life and move ahead with a positive outlook on life. Forgiving is part of the maturity process you undergo as an adult. Holding on to grudges is one of the ways to distract yourself from your goal and it will not get you anywhere.


Here are few more ways to stay positive

* Just lie still and don’t move a muscle, stare at the sky and just take a deep breath of gratitude

* Close your eyes and envision your dreams in life and smile and see yourself living your dream life!

* Think of things that make you happy

* Smile always!

* Relax your body once in a day at least and really relax! including your mind.

* Don’t think for a few minutes. Close your eyes and smile

* Breath for a few seconds intentionally.

* Always have an attitude of gratitude!

* Have a positive body language, even a positive tone in your voice!

* Make an effort to get rid of all the negativity around you.

* Don’t get too attached to your past thoughts.

* Let go of your most pressing issue

* See good in everything!

* Stay relaxed in all situations

* Be present in that moment, make a conscious effort to be present during the day and especially when you talk to someone.

* Complement a friend or co-worker!

* Try to cut something from the day that is not really needed.

* Hangout with happy people

* Do some random acts of kindness and be kind to one another!

* Try to stay off one social media platform for a day

* Be mindful of everything!

* Don’t blame anyone and do not make any excuses

* Make it a habit to embrace all your daily challenges.

* Exercise every day

* Do more things that make you happy

* Once in a while, laugh at yourself! haha 😃


We always say, always look forward and know that you deserve better. Never settle for less and always know your worth. Life can get hard at times but those situations and circumstances have shaped you into the best version of yourself!

The best is yet to come and it is worth the wait!


Girl boss, can you think of any more ways to stay positive and happy?