4 Simple Healthy Eating Habits to Include in your Diet

4 Simple Healthy Eating Habits to Include in your Diet.png

As a girl boss, It is essential that you have healthy eating habits and have a list of healthy meal ideas in your back pocket.

There are a ton of nutrients filled foods that should be on your healthy food list when you do groceries, most of them are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


The key to a successful life is having healthy eating habits that will help your body stay fit and active. Here is a list of healthy habits you should include into your diet.


Always have breakfast no matter how late you get to start your day! The best way to have breakfast is to have a smoothie with all your favorite fruits. Make sure you add some superfoods like açai, ginger, matcha powder etc. Did you know you actually lose weight when you eat breakfast?! So make sure you at least boil an egg or have fruit or muesli.


Unprocessed Food

Most of the packaged foods that we eat today are really easy to prepare and convenient. But did you know that packaged foods have higher quantities of fats, sugars, and salt and lack of nutrition and fiber? That’s a scary thought!

We suggest that you get into the habit of prepping your own meals, this means cooking fresh veggies, meat, milk, nuts, and legumes. Make sure you that you eat a lot of fruits as well. The best way to eat healthy food is to stock your pantry with it and toss out all the unhealthy and toxic food.


Whole grains

Try switching to healthy whole grains since they have a higher nutrient and fiber than refined ones. By eating whole grains you keep yourself much fuller for longer. It helps you have higher energy levels and helps you concentrate for a longer period of time.

We can help you in your first step, next time you go to the grocery store to buy bread, get yourself a wholegrain or wholemeal bread instead of the with refined bread. Have brown rice, instead of white rice.


Cooking habits

Have you heard of this saying? The more you do to your food, the less it does for you!

So next time skip the deep frying and over boiling your veggies until they lose there color. Here are a few quick tips on how to change a few habits here and there. Instead of deep frying, grill or barbecue fry your meat and veggies.


We encourage you to get into the habit of eating healthy food as it helps you be active and focused!