6 Fashion Trends that are Hot in 2018

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It’s funny how the months went by in the blink of an eye, and before you know it, you’re smack in the middle of 2018!

It’s time to take a quick break and examine the trends that are doing their rounds this year.

The year has brought with it styles and trends of its own that stand apart from the style statements of 2017, which gave equal importance to comfort and style, like sneakers and kitten heels.

Here we give you a summary of the trends that are making it big this year so that even though you may regret not keeping up with your new year resolutions, you won’t have to think twice about the fashion decisions you made this year!

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Micro Purses

Small purses no bigger than your biggest phone are hot and trending this year.

They hold little else than your phone and your wallet, but paired with a metallic chain and worn across the body, it goes with any outfit and makes it flawless and chic.

Try to opt for neutral colors or luxe fabrics, like velvet and faux snakeskin.


We have looked up to the French for all our best fashion trends, and the beret is one example.

All famous fashion bloggers and personalities have been sporting this classic Parisian hat.

To give it a cute little twist, pull it down over your ears like a beanie.

This makes it look less like a costume and more like a style statement.


Scrunchies are remnant of a more playful time and they have resurfaced again this year.

This is especially gaining momentum with the messy buns and hair updos of recent times.

Scrunchies are as playful as they are stylish and can be used to create glamorous and sophisticated looks when paired with a top knot and a high collared top with bright lips.

Scrunchies come in all colors and shapes from pink velvet to bright, playful patterns.


The shiny sparkly sequin trend has been freshly revived this year with more sophistication and glam.

Sequins can be successfully used to create an elegant look as well as a loud, glamorous one.

This is achieved by using sequins on classic wear like trousers or blazers, other than the usual crop-top or tank top.

In terms of colors, stick to black, silver, and other dark, metallic shades instead of bright hues.

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A surprising trend that’s hot and coming is plastic; it’s stylish as it is waterproof, and is more durable and lasts longer than longer than most other materials used.

Plus, we’ve got to find a way to recycle all this plastic we’re throwing out, haven’t we?

Plastic has made its appearance in rain jackets, in bags, shoes, and even blouses.

If you feel weird about jumping right into plastic clothing, try it with small accessories such as purses or footwear.

6 fashion trends that are hot in 2018
6 fashion trends that are hot in 2018

Power Suits

The masculinity of the traditional suit and jacket has been tweaked to create a more feminine pant-suit combo for the modern woman.

This stylish trend, which surfaced during Hillary Clinton’s presidential run is here to stay for a long time to come.

You can choose whatever color you like, but keep it monochrome.

Team it up with a blouse and heels to create a chic, and yet commanding and powerful look. You can also dress it down with sneakers and a tee for a more fun look.

While you have your fun with your fashion choices, don’t forget to use these elements so that you have a trendy and flawless wardrobe ready for you.