8 Lead Magnet Ideas for More Email Subscribers

8 Lead Magnet Ideas for More Email Subscribers

Email marketing is a very important part of running a blog.

If you want your content to be seen regularly, you have to get as many subscribers as possible. If you simply go online and run a search for blogging tools, you will find so many websites that promise to get you tonnes of subscribers like it is child’s play.

Don’t think that a teak in coding is going to get you hundreds of subscribers all at once.

The ultimate method of getting subscribers is simple: just put up good content.

Yes, I know I’m stating the obvious, but why not focus on your content instead of trying magic tricks to get subscribers?
When you start off with your blog, you probably don’t have enough content to judge you by.

This is where lead magnets come into play.

You use lead magnets as incentives to coax people to subscribe. Most of them are downloadable content.

A lead magnet is not another one of those cheap tricks; the subscriber has something to gain from giving the email address.

You have to put in extra work into creating something that your readers will value enough to agree to give their emails.

The ultimate method of getting subscribers is simple: just put up good content.

Here is a list of some of the top lead magnet ideas you can try or your blog or website:

1. A calendar or planner

If you have a knack for organizing, create a calendar or yearly planner that your subscribers can download and print.

You can even include a blog post or a .pdf file on how to use the planner.

If you write on topics related to work, lifestyle, and productivity, this would be a good option for you.

Include the mention of the calendar or planner in one of your blog posts and you are sure to get more subscribers.

8 Lead Magnet Ideas for More Email Subscribers

 2. A toolkit or list of resources

No matter what kind of work you do there would definitely be a number of apps, extensions, websites and other tools you use to get your work done.

Make a list of all these tools and a brief description about each on how you use them.

A lot of people would do anything to get hold of such resources, especially those which help in planning and organizing.

It is not always about virtual tools too; if you are a photographer, make a list of the basic items one would require to start off in photography: a list of lenses and their prices, tripods, photo-editing software etc.

3. A cheat sheet or a checklist

“Your ultimate checklist before starting a business,” or “the best cheat sheet for a productive year” are all different kinds of ideas that sell easily.

People are always looking for shortcuts to achieving their goals.

Giving your subscribers a checklist or a cheatsheet will get you a lot more emails on your mailing list.

8 Lead Magnet Ideas for More Email Subscribers

4.  Quick start guides

Providing a guide on how to work on a device or a new software, or even to learn a new skill like knitting, is another way to gather more subscribers.

Make your guides easy to understand and provide some valuable tips from your own experience, tips that they wouldn’t receive elsewhere.

You can make a quick-start guide on anything you are good at. Make sure that it is short and easily readable.

 5. Templates

Templates are very useful tools that people often look for.

Using templates makes our work a lot easier.

You can make templates for any software you are good at, like Photoshop or Illustrator or even PowerPoint.

Templates give users a much-needed headstart, and it is always an interesting prospect to work with them.

6. Add-ons and plugins

There are literally hundreds of design goods websites that have my email simply because they offered a Photoshop brush or texture or a new font for subscribing.

If you are good at creating plugins and other add-ons to different software, use your skills to create something your readers can use.

8 Lead Magnet Ideas for More Email Subscribers

7. Mini-course

A mini-course is much like a quick start guide except that it’s a full-on course with all the course material needed.

You can either make this course accessible as different modules or as a whole course package.

Most users often prefer the latter.

The course should include a variety of content spanning cross audio, video, photographs, infographics, and text.

If you are trying to sell a bigger course try offering the first module for free upon signing up.

 8. Discounts and coupons

If you run an online shop or an e-commerce website, nothing attracts customers like offering a discount.

Give them a discount or a coupon code for signing up to your email list. You can even offer other services like free shipping or reduced prices.
Since you know how important newsletter marketing is, be sure to try these lead magnet ides to get more subscribers to your blog or website.

8 Lead Magnet Ideas for More Email Subscribers! A must read for all small business owners