8 Meal Prep Tips for a Busy Boss Lady

8 Meal Prep Tips for a Busy Boss Lady

When you’ve taken the charge of your life into your hands, and you’re a busy boss lady, you might find yourself neglecting your personal needs, especially in the case of nutrition.

You might find yourself skipping meals, and making do with snacks and what not.

You may depend more on store-bought meals and instant food and end up living with an unhealthy diet.

It’s true, most of the time twenty-four hours a day is just not enough!

This is why you should take up the habit of meal prepping.

When you prep meals, you prepare meals or a few elements of your meals in advance, so you have to spend less time with them during your busy days.

It’s no different from a TV dinner, except your TV dinner is made of fresh ingredients and much more nutritious and wholesome.

The wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings. Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.
— Hippocrates

Here are some fresh meal prep tips for more nutritious work weeks ahead:

1.  Do the math – determine the amount of food you’ll need

It is very important that you first sit down and determine how much food you will need.

Work up from first deciding how much you would like for a single meal.

Determine the components of your meal, say the main dish and a side or two, and what you’d like to put in them.

Then it’s simply a method of multiplying for the number of days a week.

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2. Arrange for one or two grocery visits

We have to face the reality that no food will remain fresh out of the oven for a whole week.

If you wish to consume more of fresh food, especially fruits and raw vegetables for salads, make time for one or two visits to the grocery in the middle of the week.

You will only have to prepare a part of the food for such days.

3. Plan out the process of preparation

If you think about it for a second, you’re going to be preparing food for a whole week all at once.

It is important to plan out the whole meal prep process so that you don’t run out of time.

See what items can be cooked together, and stock on all the utensils and kitchen appliances you will need.

If you have a properly chalked out plan, your meal prep will surprisingly take you less than a day to complete.

8 Meal Prep Tips for a Busy Boss Lady

4. Arrange all your ingredients in a neat manner 

Be sure to lay out all the ingredients that you are going to use in a tidy way on your countertop.

This will make it easy for you to reach out and grab whatever you need as and when you require it.

It will also make the process of tidying up easier.

Be sure also to lay out the crockery and containers in which you will be storing your food so that you can pack up the prepared food easily and quickly, and make room for the next dish. 

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5. Choose ingredients for their creative uses 

When you plan your meals, choose ingredients that can be used in different ways.

In this way, you can prepare the ingredient forehand, and use them on different days in different dishes.

This reduces the work you have to do, and you won’t bore yourself with eating the same thing every day.

So, when you shop for ingredients, look for things that can be used in many ways, instead of veggies or met that can only be cooked a certain way.

8 Meal Prep Tips for a Busy Boss Lady

6. Don’t make variety your one and only focus 

You don’t have to invest all your time and effort into coming up with a different meal for every weekday.

Try to make things in large quantity and use them repeatedly, but with different sides.

You can bring variety in terms of sauces, salads and so on, keeping the main dish the same. This reduces your workload for perhaps the only day that you may get to rest.

However, if you manage to catch hold of some extra time, go on, chef it up!

7. Focus on the food you actually like 

Don’t prepare for yourself an exquisite meal plan of healthy foods that you actually dislike, because when you come back after a busy day, you would want to delve into something that actually satisfies your taste buds.

When you have other options such as Chinese food or a pizza beaming up at you, the fact is, you will definitely change your mind from eating the tasteless healthy food that you meal-prepped two days ago.

Keeping this in mind, cut yourself some slack and make food that you would actually like.

8. Meal-prep your dessert too

More often than not, it’ll only be after you’ve finished your meal that your sweet teeth remind you of dessert.

This will have you turning in for unhealthy options, disrupting the healthy meal plans that you’ve worked so hard in keeping.

You can prepare your deserts too in the whole meal prep process.

It is perhaps desserts that can be refrigerated and stored for longer than the main meals.
With regular meal prepping, you can say goodbye to cereal for dinner and have your fill of healthier and more satisfying food.

8 Meal Prep Tips for a Busy Boss Lady. This is going to make your life so easy!!!