9 Career Tips for Girl Bosses

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They say when you choose a job you love, you can’t call it ‘work’ anymore: ‘work’ implies something that involves effort and strain, but doing what you love only makes you enjoy.

This is the path that all the entrepreneurs and job-seekers of today take.

Never have we seen such diversified careers being taken up at such high rates.

Enjoyment of ‘work’ or their occupation itself is predicted to cause millennials to work longer than their previous generations.

In today’s world, all kinds of creativity can be turned into profit reaping enterprises. Here are a few career tips and advice from the best in the game:

9 career tips for girl bosses

1. Start.

Whatever you do, just start. Get it going. It may be part-time, it may be on the weekends or on holidays, but do start off with it. Once your career can stand on its own two legs, then you can take it up full-time. But for anything to reach that point, there should be an energetic start, no matter how small it
may be.

9 career tips for girl bosses

2. Be a rule breaker.

A lot of people may discourage you and warn you against taking risks (all with good intent too), but know that their opinions are colored by their own life experiences. If you know yourself and your dreams well enough, then go ahead and break all the rules! Make sure that you have a clear vision of the goal and what you intend to achieve.

9 career tips for girl bosses

3. Be prepared.

Hone your skills until they are no less than perfect. You never know when an opportunity is going to come whizzing past. Always be prepared to grab it make use of it. There’s no use lamenting over a lost opportunity. If you don’t seize it today, somebody else is surely going to.

9 career tips for girl bosses

4. Train yourself.

If you have an ardent interest in any field, educate yourself both academically and professionally. It goes a long way in ensuring a successful career. There will never be a point where you can say that you have learnt enough. Learning is an eternal process, and this is especially true in today’s constantly changing world

9 career tips for girl bosses

5. Don’t lose your passion.

Be it 5 days into your job or fifty years your heart should beat faster every time you think about it. Don’t lose passion for what you love doing. Being passionate makes us energetic in a very special way.

9 career tips for girl bosses

6. Learn from your mistakes.

No one is promising you a rosy career ahead. There will be a lot of ups and downs on the way. Instead of dwelling on past mistakes, take important lessons from them so that you can face challenges of the future more resolutely.

9 career tips for girl bosses

7. Make good friends.

The people you surround yourself with have a great impact on how you deal with situations. Those who support you and help you through difficult times are to be kept close. If you find that you cannot get along with those who work
 with you, your career is bound to go downhill.

9 career tips for girl bosses

8. Make yourself unique.

Always be innovative and creative. You should be a rare asset to your firm. It increases the value you hold.

9 career tips for girl bosses

9. Be humble.

Don’t make a big deal of what you do. When you do something extraordinary, handle the attention you get with grace and charm. Nobody likes a person who goes around promoting themselves on social media and other such platforms. Let your work speak for you. When your work is exemplary, all eyes will be on you.