Girl Boss Guide to getting ready for spring!

Girl Boss Guide to getting ready for spring

After a cold and harsh winter, we delve into the freshness of spring, a time to shrug off the lull of the winter’s frost.

Spring is the time when nature undergoes a process of change and renewal. As we are also an important part of nature, and our lives depend on nature and its processes, it’s important that we too take part in this process of change.

We are well-acquainted with the ritual of “spring cleaning” which is a very important manifestation of this process.

At the onset of spring, we clean out our physical surroundings and make way for a new and fresh beginning.

This is a concept we can apply to other aspects of our life too.

girl boss guide to getting ready for spring

Apart from cleaning out, there are a number of ways you can get ready for spring, to lead to a more creative and productive life. Here are a few:

1. Find some good, new music

Music is a huge part of our lives! Even in the process of spring cleaning itself, we would need a few peppy songs to play in the background and energize the whole process of cleaning.

Make use of spring to update your regular playlists, and add some fresh, new songs.

Don’t stick to your regular stuff, try out some new genres and artists, you’ll never know what you’re going to like.

girl boss guide to getting ready for spring

2. Sort out your stuff

Take some time to re-arrange all of your things.

Don’t stick to your older ways of sorting and arranging.

Find new ways to categorize your clothes, your books, your files and folders, and so on. This also applies to your digital files.

Take time out of your schedule to re-order your work files on your computer, and to clear away the unwanted things.

Digital spring cleaning is also important!

girl boss guide to getting ready for spring

3. Learn a new skill

This is the time to learn that one skill you’ve always wanted to do.

You can attend weekend workshops to learn the basics and then master it with daily practice.

Not only will this help you ease your stress, it will also help advance your work life and make you more creative. 

girl boss guide to getting ready for spring

4.       Make time for self-care

Start a new skin-care routine or a diet plan this spring.

As you freshen up your surroundings, take time to renew yourself and your body during spring. This can be in physical, mental or emotional areas.

You may do some meditative exercises, or make time for mindfulness.

5.       Clear the social clutter

Spring clean your social media clutter.

Go on an unfollowing spree and forget all those blogs and accounts that you don’t really pay attention to, or you’re not that interested in.

Go through your e-mails and unsubscribe from the numerous mailing lists that you no longer have any need for.

Uninstall all the apps that you hardly ever touch. Don’t leave any clutter, be it in your physical, or digital surroundings.

6. Renew your wardrobe

If you’re looking for an excuse to go shopping, then spring is a really good one.

It is the time we see the onset of a number of new trends and styles in apparel, shoes, accessories and what not.

Go shopping for new clothes to freshen up your wardrobe. Get dressy; add some florals and other elegant, dainty clothes to replace the dark woolens of winter.

girl boss guide to getting ready for spring

7.       Make new goals for yourself

The old and tiring process of making goals happens repeatedly, and we often look back at all the goals that remain merely goals themselves, wondering whether the whole thing was futile.

Take time during spring to sort out your priorities and make new goals for yourself, goals which are practical and achievable.

Write them down and place them where you can see them every day so that you are reminded of the purpose of your actions