Girl Boss Guide to productive morning routine

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What is the essence of every Girl Boss?

Is it her formidable will? or her breezy attitude even under pressure? 

I'd say it's all about having a productive morning routine and also...

It is her ability to extract the maximum of whatever resources she has. It is her ability to make everyday a 100% productive, that makes her a Girl Boss! 

If you really want to get out there and kick some serious butt behind you need to reach your potential and go beyond it.

Here are our simple tips to guide you in your quest of attaining maximum productivity.

1. Early bird, Prolific Bird

It may seem like a complete “Mom” thing to say, but it is completely true.

Wake up early and have a head start at acing it that day. Our brains are said to be very productive in the early hours of the dawn and if you start early you are more likely to accomplish more throughout the day.

So set a fixed time early in the day, to wake up and get on with making your day super fruitful.

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2. Strong base to win the race

The key to any uber productive day is to create a foundation based out of detailed planning.

It may seem boring but don’t underestimate the value of great strategic planning. Make a well thought out plan of what you intend on doing throughout the day.

It is best if you plan your day the night before. It gives your entire day a great productive perspective.

Girl Boss Guide to  productive morning routine

3. Tackle the Bull by its Horns

Being a Girl Boss doesn’t give you the luxury of having pleasant easy things to do throughout the day.

If you want to make progress throughout the day you have to tackle the metaphorical bull by its horns. Or in other words, decisively deal with the toughest agenda of the day first and get it done with.

Once you are past that the rest of the day will seem like a walk in the park.

 4. The Wealth named Health

You absolutely can’t be productive if you aren’t in absolutely great shape health-wise.

If you feel lethargic or fatigued you are of no help to yourself or anybody around you. Your productivity will be directly affected.

So start your morning with healthy practices like a short exercise routine or a relaxing meditation session. Follow it up with a healthy nutritious breakfast, drink fluids and stay hydrated.

This will help you feel fresh and good about yourself throughout the day.

Girl Boss Guide to  productive morning routine

5. Stay OFF the Web

We can’t emphasize enough on the importance of this one single tip.

Don’t turn on your social media apps the first thing in the morning. You don’t realize the amount of time you lose in the precious morning hours just browsing through all of your social media apps and emails.

Don’t check your emails until you’ve settled into work. Utilise the time to get on the track of getting the job done instead of wasting the time scrolling through post after post.

Save those for your break times. 

6. Make it a Routine

Routines may sound mind-numbing but help you become an unstoppable machine when it comes to working.

It sets a discipline for you to stick to and follow so as to make sure you never miss out on anything important that needs to be done.

Make a routine for your work days which you follow to a T. This will bring order and productivity to your day and you will truly notice the difference.

All these tips are so simple to follow. It may be difficult in the beginning but if you are determined by being the kind of Girl Boss you aspire to be you’ll find the motivation and willpower to follow this guide.

Happy Dream Conquering!