how to build an email list

Email Marketing is the best way to grow your revenue. We will see how to build an email list if you do not have a big one. Cause for effective email marketing, you need to have a big list.

It is proven that email marketing has a high impact on very low costs involved and this happens if you have a great email list.


You are at the right place if you are looking for ways you want to build an email list.

Online methods of building an email list

Give an incentive

Always give an incentive to give them in exchange for their email address. That incentive can be a free Ebook, a white paper or a checklist and it requires visitors to provide their email IDs in order to get that free gift to their inbox. If you have a software, give them a trial version in exchange for their email address.


Contest or giveaway

Have a contest and in order to enter it, you need to give your email ID. Don’t forget to promote your contest on social media as well.

Use Social media

Use social media to generate your leads, promote your lead magnet (incentive) on it. Use Twitter to do a through the campaign and promote your free incentive. You can also use Facebook pages to promote your offer. You can also leverage your business youtube channel and just wait and watch.



Run your promotions on your friend’s website or a business partner/friend website. This was you are targeting a new audience and you are for sure gonna get a bunch of new emails in your email list. You can also ask your partner to come and host a webinar with you and have a webinar sign up form together.

Offline methods of building an email list

Trade Shows

You can have a sign-up form at trade shows or exhibitions and ask people to come and sign up, this is a traditional way of doing it. If they are interested in what you have to offer, you will potentially be having a future customer!

Business cards


Have your incentive printed on your business card. When you go to meetups or conferences, this is a sure way to get people to sign up since they’ve already met you and got to know you!

These are a few examples of things you can do to grow your email list today. The key is to try from all different angles and see what works for you and your business.

What other creative ways do you know about building an email list? Share your ideas in the comments!