How to Change Your Life

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Have you always thought about changing your life?

Do you often feel like there is something, some crucial piece of the puzzle that is missing from this life that needs to be put in the right place so that you can feel complete?

When someone says that she wants to change her life, they often refer to one big change, like a new career or a new relationship that is going to have big ripples in their entire life.

But is it always just about one decision?

Changing your life is about finding greater purpose in your life, something that directs everything else you do.

It is difficult to take a leap of faith into the unknown, the very thought of it is terrifying.

But it’s not something that is impossible. You just need figure out a few things before you take that giant leap.

Hunt own what makes you unhappy

Whatever makes you unhappy is counterproductive to everything you try to do.  

It may be your job, the place you live, the people who are around you, anything.

Spend a little time meditating on why you are unhappy.

You can talk to a few close friends or even seek therapy.

How to change your life

Destroy the forces of unhappiness

No matter what it is that makes you unhappy, you should permanently remove it from your life.

There no need for you to keep something that is a constant source of unhappiness close to you.

Such amount of toxicity could affect your entire life.

Get rid of anything that is pulling you down. If they are issues with people try to talk it out with them. If they can’t understand your pin, they don’t deserve to be in your life.

Find out what makes you happy

When you’ve rid yourself of all unhappiness, spend some time to think about what makes you happy in life.

What would you do, if you were given the chance to do absolutely anything?

Think about all those little things and all those big things that bring you loads of joy.

Focus on those things and try to build your life with them.

How to change your life

Make some tiny tweaks

Now, you have to be a little realistic.

You may not be able to do exactly what you want to do.

But if you're ready to compromise, you can do something related to it, or something that uses the same skills.

You don’t have to be ashamed about making adjustments or feel any lesser, as long as it makes you happy.

Start it with the first step

The crucial part is when you have to take that first step.

That first step means everything; when you take it, it’s the beginning of changing your life, and it means there is no going back.

So go on and take that step. It may be small, but it is really important that you do it.

How to change your life

Find ways to get motivated

If you’re motivated by making a vision board do it! If there are people in your life whose words have always had a positive effect on you, go talk to them.

You should get motivated to do this.

Find a person who can back you up in this process so that you will also be held accountable to someone for everything you do.

Keep going on no matter what

When obstacles come in your way as they will surely do, don’t let yourself get disappointed or depressed.

Try to find a way around what’s blocking you.

Sometimes you might have to make even more adjustments, but that’s okay.

All you need to do is to keep moving forward, and not give up.

How to change your life

Don’t forget your obligations

You may have a lot of duties to do and a lot of roles to fill.

Your life changing process should accommodate all your obligations.

If you have to do it, just do it.

If it’s something you can do without, then remove it from your list and don’t think about it again.

Step out of your comfort zone

Us humans, we have this tendency to adapt and stay that way because of the energy and time it takes to adapt to new situations.

If you want to bring meaningful change into your life you have to overcome this tendency and step out of your comfort zone.

Doing so will only help you grow stronger than you are.

How to change your life

Love yourself

Learn to accept who you are.

So you have a few faults, and everyone may not like you.

But you have your own good too, and there are a lot of other people who love you for who you are. Love yourself as you are.

Don’t convince yourself that you will become a better person only if you achieve so and so.

Learn to love yourself with all your little perks and only then can you bring any positive change in your life.
Change is a big scary word.

But that’s only because you think of change as bringing with it a lot of trials and tribulations.

Change has a lot of good to it that we can see only in retrospect.

Learn to embrace change as a way of life, and you will indeed change your life.