How to make a vision board with examples

How to make a vision board with examples

All of us are always on the lookout for inspiration around us.

Inspiration is what forces us to work harder. We are so spent in seeking inspiration from outside that we often fail to see ways in which we can inspire ourselves.

We all have a set of things that we want to do or accomplish.

It may be a simple bucket list of things you’ve always dreamed of doing, or it may be a list of solid personal or professional goals that you want to achieve to bring your life to the next level.

Whatever the reason may be, vision boards are a great way to get to achieving those goals.

The more you look at your vision board, the more you are reminded of your goals, and as you’re reminded of it the more you work towards it.

More often than not, our goals are too abstract and generalized.

The whole activity of making a vision board in itself will help you understand your goals better and what it takes to achieve them. You’ll even know what goals are more important than others.

It is also psychologically proven that our mind and emotions are more invigorated by visual stimuli.

This gives us actual physical energy to work.

Think about it: if your goal was simply a hazy idea in the back of your mind, would you be working towards it?

You’d sooner forget it than begin to work towards it.

But when visualize your goals, they become more tangible and real, and you find yourself striving towards them automatically.

There are a number of creative ideas on how to make a vision board.

Bring out the artist in you; use your creativity and let your vision board reflect your personality.

Here are some vision board ideas and tips that you can use in the process:

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Make a list of all the goals you wish to achieve

The most important thing you need is clarity regarding your goals.

Most people make vision boards at the start of each year for everything they plan to do that year. While that is the most common use of vision boards, it is not the only use.

You can have your goals set for a period of time or goals that are not time bound at all, like a bucket list.

But you need to have clarity regarding these goals, and try to limit their numbers.

If you have too many goals pinned down on a small board, it’s probably only going to stress you out even more.

If you think you have too many goals for one board, you can categorize them and make different vision boards as one for your professional goals, one for your personal goals etc.

But the best idea would be to limit the number of goals you have on your board.

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How to make a vision board with examples

Go scavenging for old magazines and newspapers

You’re going to need a lot of pictures to include in your vision board.

While you can always print them out from the web, cutting out pictures from magazines is a more organic and lively approach to the job.

You can collect old magazines from friends who might be planning to throw them away.

Niche magazines like those related to travel or food are bound to have some beautiful pictures in them.

At the same time, corporate magazines wouldn’t have the same amount of pictures you can use.

So look out for such specifics when you’re magazine hunting.

Hunt for pictures and other knick-knacks

This is probably the most time consuming and yet the most fun task of your vision-board-making process.

You will need to scour through all those magazines to find pictures that represent your goal.

Remember that your vision board is not just about how to achieve your goals; it should remind you of how you feel about them.

It is that feeling, that rush of emotion that energizes you to achieve them.

Your pictures need not be exact representations of your goals.

They can remind of why you want to do it, and what inspired in the first place.

And it’s not just pictures that you can put in there; any other articles, for example, feathers, dream-catchers, and other decorative items or souvenirs that remind you of important people or places can all go in there.

There are no hard and fast rules regarding this.

Just make sure that your goals are highlighted. Make a collage out of all these different articles and pictures and pin them on the board 

How to make a vision board with examples

Find some motivational text too

Your vision board can’t be just all pictures, it should also include some motivational text.

Find quotes that inspire you or ones that you’ve always lived by.

When adding text to your vision board, it is very important that you don’t add huge paragraphs. Remember, you’re going to be seeing your board a lot, but you’re simply going to glance at it for a second or two.

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

So, in that very miniscule period of time, your vision board should be able to do its job. If you add huge paragraphs of text, it is going to work against this quickness.

That is why a vision board is primarily visual in nature.

However, you can add single words, printed and pinned onto the board.

These words can include the skills that you need to develop on or something that you need to practice every day; some examples include loved, strong, joyful, powerful, self-asserting, motivated, accomplished, etc.

Print them out, each in different graphical form and with different typography.

Look at your vision board every day

Keep your vision board in a place where you can see it during most parts of the day.

Devote some time every day to contemplate it, and think about where you are on the path to achieving those goals.

For example, you can keep it at your bedside table so that it’s the first thing you see when you wake up.

Or you can keep it where you have your breakfast.

The best time to use your vision board is right before you go to bed at night.

It’s generally the time we spend thinking about the happenings of the day, and it’s a very powerful thought process.

How to make a vision board with examples

Try to include the content of your vision board too in this chain of thought.
Once you make your vision board, don’t think of it as the final output.

Your aims and goals may change with time. You can add on to your vision board, or you can remove stuff as time passes. Your vision board should be as dynamic as you yourself are.

A MUST READ: How to make a vision board with examples via @girlbossshop