How to make someone fall in love with you

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When you begin a relationship or develop a crush all you want is your partner to be just as much into you as you are.

And sometimes even girl bosses can need help with romance, So here are a few things to keep in mind if you plan on making someone fall in love with you.


First and foremost it is super essential you maintain your appearance.

It may seem shallow but by staying maintained will help your confidence and make you more likely to attract the attention of your intended beau.

Also, there is nothing wrong with getting your nails and hair done once in a while even if there is no guy in the picture.

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How to make someone fall in love with you

Don’t hide flaws

Nobody is perfect and nobody expects you to be either.

So take a chill pill and open up about your insecurities and flaws. Somebody will judge you or try to change you for your flaws only if you let them.

Trust me there is nothing more attractive than a woman who embraces her flaws and isn’t ashamed of it.

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This is pretty similar to the previous point.

This essentially means the importance of an honest groundwork for any relationship. You can’t build something beautiful like love on a foundation of lies.

Don’t lie just so somebody likes you better and definitely don’t underestimate the value of honesty.

How to make someone fall in love with you

Take interest in his interests

Love is giving consideration to someone other than yourself, so if you want to woo someone it is essential you honestly try to understand their interests.

It may not be something you necessarily enjoy but just the fact that you’re willing to try exploring their interests will earn you brownie points.


No relationship is complete without trust.

If you intend on building a healthy, everlasting kind of love it is important you both mutually trust each other.

Don’t try to change them

Just like you had to embrace your flaws and be honest you also have to embrace your partner just as they are without trying to change them.

Always remember them being the way they are is what made you fall in love with them in the first place.

You can’t tailor a person to your liking just because you have something you disagree with.

How to make someone fall in love with you

Be emotionally available

Emotional support and availability is something you absolutely can’t oversee.

Be there for your partner when they have a bad day or a big day coming up.

You don’t have to do anything other than show your unwavering support for love to swell up in their hearts.

Be kind and have the courage

The path of finding true love is not easy, it requires a lot of perseverance.

There may be days when you’ll fight and your partner may say unkind words and it may hurt but retaliating and spilling back venom won’t help.

What will help is having the courage to rise up from the hurt and being kind to your partner in return and trying to talk sense to them.

How to make someone fall in love with you

Laugh and enjoy yourself

Don’t put your life on hold for your partner.

Nobody wants the pressure of being the center of someone’s universe. Live your life to the fullest, enjoy, laugh and be happy.

Not being dependant on somebody for happiness is a super attractive trait in a woman.


Don’t be afraid to flirt with your partner.

Gone are the times when being bold was scandalous. If there is someone you want, go after it.

Flirt just the right amount without trying too much and definitely don’t try hard to get you may miss a wide opportunity window.

All the best Girl Boss because love is just around the corner. Ciao!