Productivity Planners You Should Own

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We all try our best to achieve productivity in all areas of our life.

Being productive takes a lot of planning beforehand.

It’s always a good idea to put all your plans in writing.

Productivity planners are special journals made exactly for that.

Although the specifics may change from planner to planner, the basic structure remains the same throughout.

The planner is divided into weeks or months, depending on whether they’re weekly planners or monthly planners. You can put into writing everything you plan for the week.

Productivity planners are a sure shot to become more productive because they hold you accountable for everything you have to do.

You can divide your time better, making more time for the more demanding tasks.

Here is a list of some of the best productivity planners you should buy:

1. Leather Spiral Binder Planner With Filler Papers

Leather Spiral Binder Planner With Filler Papers

This small, handy planner comes in a pastel pink color. Its small size makes it fit in small bags or purses that you regularly carry around.

2. Blue and Pink Spiral Leather A6 Journal Lined Paper

Blue and Pink Spiral Leather A6 Journal Lined Paper .jpg

This pretty planner has a lovely blue and pink pattern that gives it an elegant look. It’s a cute, budget-friendly option for a planner.

3. 2018 AT-A-GLANCE Blush Monthly Planner

2018 AT-A-GLANCE Blush Monthly Planner

You can plan out your whole year with this elegant journal that is just right for your budget.

Its spiral binding and small size make it easy for your handle.

4. Blue Sky Mahalo Weekly/Monthly Planner

Weekly:Monthly Planner, Multicolor

A flowery and colorful planner for a more productive and fruitful year. Add a touch of color to all you planning with this planner.

5. 2018 Gold Dots Monthly Planner

2018 Gold Dots Monthly Planner

This monthly planner for the last quarter of the year features a stylish golden design, so you can plan your days in style.

6. 2018 Lovely Day Medium Weekly Monthly Planner

2018 Lovely Day Medium Weekly Monthly Planner

Who wouldn’t want to start their day opening this beautiful planner? It would sit perfectly on your work desk.

7. Beige Linen Travel Journal Binder | A5 & A6

Beige Linen Travel Journal Binder

This beautiful, classic journal would be a great addition to your travels.

Its retro checked cover makes it an ultra, classy add-on.

8. Daily Life Planner Stickers

daily life planner stickers.jpg

Turn your daily planning into a fun activity with these pretty stickers. Use them in your planners instead of simply writing down everything.

9. Wonder Woman 2018 Weekly Note Planner

Wonder Woman 2018 Weekly Note Planner

Who other than the ultimate girl boss Princess Diana of the immortal Amazons can inspire you better? Use this daily planner to get through your days like a superhero.

10. Happy Planner 12-Month Big Planner Box

Happy Planner 12-Month Big Planner Box Kit-Flower Pop

This is the ultimate planner, with the journal, the stickers, everything! It has everything you need to plan out everything you need to do to be productive.

While planning is one part of it, there are a lot of other steps you need to take to become productive.

Making small changes in your lifestyle can go a long way in increasing productivity. Here are some of the different ways you can do this:

1. Stay up late or wake up early

Depending on what best suits you, you should either stay up late or wake up early.

Some people are more productive in the early hours of the morning.

Others find the night time to be their best time.

No matter what it is, practice either of the two so that you can add more time to your typical day. 

2. Don’t skip breakfast

Your breakfast is your body’s sole source of energy after spending a lot of time without any food.

Skipping breakfast makes you very tired and hungry throughout the rest of the day.

This will affect the work you do, and make you less productive.

3. Find out your best time

Everyone has that one time of the day when they’re most productive.

Find out those few hours in your day, and do your most demanding work at that time.

If you try to do this kind of work when you’re tired, it will only be counterproductive.

4. Tune out all distractions

If there is anything that is likely to distract, keep it out of the vicinity of your work area.

Stay away from anything that would divide your attention.

If your phone is always buzzing with notifications, turn it off or keep it on mute.

5. Power naps

Taking power naps thirty minutes really does rejuvenate you in a surprising way.

Don’t take too many naps, or for too long.

If you sleep for an hour or so, you’ll wake up all groggy and tired.

Short naps are what give you the energy to work and concentrate.

Productivity is not just about getting more work done, it’s about striking a balance between work and rest.

With efficient planning and its execution, you’re all set to seize the day and become more productive in everything you do.