Self-care for girl bosses

Self-care for girl bosses

A Girl Boss’s life is usually just one long to-do list with tasks after tasks, target after target, hurdle after hurdle.

And don’t get me wrong, I get it encourage it too!

Setting goals and achieving it, empowering yourself is what you do if you want to be a Girlboss but what’s essential is that you don’t lose yourself amidst all that.

It’s important that you remember your productivity and energy are directly proportional to your own personal state of body and mind.

You need to take care of yourself and make sure your body is in a healthy state and your mind is in a healthy place.

Here are some ways you can work self-care into your busy schedules

1. Shower Power

Every morning when you take a shower instead of making all the gears in your head work overtime thinking about the boatload of work ahead of you, take the time to clear your head.

Don’t think about what’s to come, just take the moment to check on yourself. Wash away the pent-up negativity and worries. 

2. Melody Remedy

Play your favorite feel-good music as you get dressed or ready in the morning.

Just your favorite music can help you feel invigorated and lift your spirits.

Make a playlist of all the songs that help you relax and unwind. You can listen to this playlist anytime you feel like you need to let go of all the anxiety.

Self-care for girl bosses

3. Tranquil Talks

Sometimes you just have so much on your plate you, music and a relaxing shower just doesn’t cut it. You need to get all of it off your chest.

There is no weakness in asking for help. Talk to somebody who will help establish calm in your mind and soul again. It can be family or friends.

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing it with them seek professional help. It doesn’t mean you’re crazy or something is wrong with you. It’s just so your mental peace isn’t compromised.

4. Meditating Mind

Meditation isn’t as easy as it seems. Don’t write it off as holistic hocus pocus. Meditation is a great way to calm your mind and reduce anxiety and stress.

A meditating mind is a serene mind. Take time out from your day to close your eyes and take deep breaths focusing on just being you, the way you are without all the stress and anxiety.

Self-care for girl bosses

5. Restorative Reading

The best thing about reading is that it has the ability to transport you to a completely different world.

A world where your worries don’t exist, a world where you are not you, a world where you can be anybody you want. This magical ability reading has, is very restorative for our state of mind.

It helps us focus on something other than our own problems and relaxes our mind making us feel safe and tranquil.

Take the time to read a chapter of your favorite book and momentarily at least get away from your troubles.  

6. Rest Requirement 

Your body is not wired to work under conscious stress.

Don’t be mistaken, we have obviously worked up a tolerance to stress but everyone has a breaking point.

Our body is sure to give us signs before it reaches said breaking point. Learn to recognize these signs your body is giving.

Identify them and step back when you feel your breaking point is close. Rest, recuperate then tackle whatever task you have in hand.

Self-care for girl bosses

7. Slow Show 

We girl bosses have fast-paced lives and we are constantly on the go.

But some days you just have to slow down and run the show that’s your life with your feet off the accelerator.

Take the time to make your coffee enjoy it without worrying about the mountain of work that awaits you.

8. Indulge yourself

Make it a habit of doing one deed every day just for yourself.

You may think it’s selfish and self-centered, but it is a fact that your hardworking self-deserves a little bit of indulgence.

Self-care for girl bosses

It may be the satisfaction of saying “no” to a  task or buying yourself a new pair of shoes. Any big or small wish you feel you can fulfill that day. 

Always remember nobody will care for you if you don’t care for yourself. Love yourself and stay afloat in life. Nobody can bring you down if you are determined to hold yourself up!