Sunday hacks for girl bosses

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Sunday is both the best and the worst day of the week.

The best because you can wake up late and relax and do what you want and worst because as the day proceeds the dread of the upcoming Monday starts setting it making you feel like a deer in the headlights with Monday morning and the rest of the week coming at you with full blast.

So you can either choose to wallow in self-pity and dread what’s to come or prepare your arsenal for facing the week ahead of you.

1. Do your laundry

Utilise your Sunday to do a week worth of laundry and preparing all our work outfits for the upcoming week. It will help make your mornings easier and make sure you look your best and are super put together.

Sunday hacks for girl bosses

2. Set weekly goals

Contemplate and come to set a set of goals both professional and personal that you wish to complete by the end of the week and then the next Sunday you can assess how you fared in the week and what more you can do to make your week go smoother.

3. Check the weather forecast

This may seem silly but it will help you plan your work outfits better. You’ll also be able to know when to take your umbrella and when to take your shades.

4. Clean out your refrigerator

It is so important that you throw out all the old food and clean out your refrigerator so there aren’t any stale and spoilt food to contaminate the air of the cooling unit. It’s better to do weekly fridge cleanups rather than doing it once a month, it’s a lot less gross and way less messy!

Sunday hacks for girl bosses

5. Reorganize your handbag

Throughout the week you pull out and shove in tones of stuff from and into your handbag. By the weekend your handbag is a mess. So take the time to clean up your handbag of all the trash and reorganize everything. Replenish your stock of granola bars or whatever snack you like and toss it in your bag for emergencies. Restock on face wipes, cash, and whatever else emergency items you like to keep in your handbag.

6. Stock up on grocery

There is little to no chance that once the week begins you’ll have a chance to stock up on grocery. So buy all the supplies you need for the week and stock up your fridge with fresh produce.

7. Breakfast Meal preps

Breakfast is the most important meal of your day but you don’t usually get the time to make yourself something every morning. So it’s smart to prepare breakfast meal preps for the week to come.

Sunday hacks for girl bosses

8. Get set for Monday

Prepare everything you need for Monday, be it files, outfit, or your to go snack! Be prepared with a to-do list and everything else you may need to conquer your Monday blues.

9. Relax

Before heading out into the storm that is Monday, take a breather and relax. Go out for a stroll. Meet family and friends, Cuddle a puppy, DO anything that makes you happy and brings a smile to your face.


10. Go to bed early

Contrary to what a lot of people believe Sunday is not for staying up late. Go to bed early replenish your energy reserves and then face Monday. If you find going to bed early difficult take an hour before bedtime to wind down. In this time go completely offline and resist the urge to go through your phone or laptop. Unplug yourself from technology and calm yourself.

10 simple tips to get you in top form to face the week head on.

You GO Girl Boss!