Time Management Skills Every Girl Boss Must Have

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Working from home or working all by yourself can be hard and challenging.

Having the right time management skills up your sleeve helps you stay focused and be productive. Many successful people know the importance of time management and having a set time to do their most important tasks.

Let’s jump in and learn 8 ways you can improve your time management skills!


To-Do List

Start your day with a to-do list and add them to your calendar along with your breaks. This way you can see everything you need to get done that day and keep a track of it. Instead of thinking, “hmm, what should I do now?” A to-do list saves you guessing time and helps you stay more productive.


Separate office

It is important to have a dedicated space where you work from every day. The biggest challenge in working from home is to switch between work and personal space. Hence, it is important to have a separate table or office space to work from. This space should only be used to work and nothing else, decorate it with inspiring quotes. So, when you get into that space you know that you are in work mode and this helps your brain distinguish work and personal space.


Set boundaries

You are solely responsible for the line you draw when it comes to productivity and stay focused. Since you are your own boss and are not under any supervision, you need to have a check on yourself. This takes off the pressure especially when you work on tight deadlines. However, you've got to say no to many things to manage this freedom you have.

It is easy for you to say that you can do this tomorrow and tomorrow never comes. If you get comfortable and not have strong boundaries. You are down the road to fail. So, set boundaries and be your own strict boss.


Take breaks

After talking about boundaries, it is important that you take breaks and move a little. Most of us can go crazy sitting in one place for a long time and we need to step up our time management skills to stay sane. Depending on your attention and concentration span, you should at a minimum take a break every 90 minutes. Go for a run, hit the gym, do some house chores or just eat out. There are many ways you can re-energize yourself and get focused again. Also, make sure, you get out of the house at least once a day.


Hourly inspection

The more you work from home, the better you get at managing your time and energy. Self-management is really important and it takes time to get to a place where you are disciplined with your time and priorities. You need to keep yourself on your toes! The best way to do that is to set reminders every hour and ask yourself: "Is this particular task I am doing, furthering my business?"

We suggest that you put a reminder on your phone for every hour, cause it can be so easy to go out of line with your tasks and by putting such reminders, you stay on track and stay productive!


Set a timer

When you do your to-do list, write down how much time each task would take you do that task, set a timer and accomplish it at that set time. Just don't watch the clock and see if your time is up! There is something about a timer that inspires and motivates us to work faster and finish that task.

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Stay focused

The best way to stay focused is to know why you are doing what you are doing! The importance of time management is vital when it comes to staying focused. When you know the intent behind a particular task, you tend to do it more effectively. Also, know what truly motivates you to do that particular task and keep yourself motivated until you finish it.


Identifying distractions

We spoke to a few girl bosses and one of them told us about this game she plays. She listed out all the distractions she has when she works and whenever she loses focus or get's distracted. She catches herself and identifies the distraction and gets back on track. Shut your mind from wavering this way and get that shit done!


Being a girl boss can be very rewarding and fulfilling if you are true to yourself and stay focused on your goals!

Follow these tips and be on your way to having a super productive day!

Tell us what you do to stay on top of your game and get massive work done throughout the day!