Time-saving hacks for busy girl bosses

Time-saving hacks for busy girl bosses

No matter what we try to convince ourselves we Girl Bosses aren’t superheroes who have an unlimited arsenal of superpowers to tackle every curveball thrown at them throughout the day.

Our days are long and busy with very little breathing time.

So here are some of our favorite most effective time-saving hacks for all of you girl bosses out there who just wish there were a couple of extra hours in a 24 hour day.

To - Do lists 

You may feel like you are wasting precious ticking minutes making to-do lists, but this is the most effective way of managing your time.

These lists and plans help you tackle one task after another without spending fumbling moments over deciding what to do next.

Making a to-do list will help you have a clear perspective of needs to be done and what has already been done.

Maintain a planner so you can keep track of all your tasks and their current status. 

Time-saving hacks for busy girl bosses

Be Prepared

Not to sound like a boy scout, but being prepared is the absolute key.

If there is anything you can do which you know will make your day run smoother and save you time, you do it.

Prep your breakfast for the following day, select your outfit and iron it, keep all of your files, keys and important things ready and lined up so you don’t waste time looking for it in the morning.

All of these are simple small tasks you can do the night before which will save you a truckload of time in the morning.

Time Tracking

If you wish to have a fruitful day you must be fully aware of how much time you are utilizing to tackle each task.

Keep track of the time you take to complete each task so you know where you fall behind and why. The tasks that take you longer try and complete them first the next time. 

Time-saving hacks for busy girl bosses

Time Allocation

Don’t just write down all the tasks you have to get done by the end of the day.

Allocate a particular time frame to get the task accomplished it will help you plan your day better.

Use the time to track what you do to understand better how much time should be allocated to each task.


Like we mentioned earlier, you are not a superhero.

You don’t have to take on every task and face it head-on. Learn to delegate work to people who have the skill set to accomplish the task and move on to tasks where your own skill set is exclusively required.

It may seem difficult initially to trust people around you to do a task you previously did, but you have to recognize their caliber and trust that your decision of delegating is the smart one to make. 

Scheduled social media usage

Social media can be extremely addictive and time-consuming.

You may have gone online for something as innocent as pushing a post online but you get sucked into the abyss of social media.

One way to avoid this is to schedule updates and doing it in breaks so you don’t waste time and get back to work once your break is done.

This will help not only save time but also improve the content you post since you’ll be more deliberate and focussed on your social media usage.

Time-saving hacks for busy girl bosses

Be smart with emails

Checking your mail a million times a day is such a tempting compulsion.

You don’t want to miss out on anything important, but you need to keep in mind that if it is of utmost importance you’ll most likely get a call.

So check your mail not more than three times a day and resist on replying to each of the mails. Use various extensions and email hacks to make the process easier and time conserving.

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8. Travel and Talk

Schedule important calls in the time where you travel or during long layovers between flights.

It is a good use of otherwise dormant time. It will make the time you use to travel less boring and more stimulating it will also help you free up some time in the day so you can take a breather.

Save a little time and save yourself a lot of trouble, follow these game-changing hacks and make a little bit of time in your day for yourself, because you deserve it!