Tools to use for your girl boss empire

Tools to use for your girl boss empire

When you have your own business to run you will have like a million things that get in the way of being a true girl boss.

You may have to do a completely different array of work, some things may be a little out of your area of expertise and it helps to have all possible tools to your disposal.

Managing everything can be a little too scary.

But it doesn’t have to be if you employ proper tools and systems. So here we are to decode a few simple tools you can use to make your girl boss empire run more smoothly.

Google Hangouts

When you are starting out with your own business and working your way to the top you don’t necessarily have an expansive workspace or a very large workforce.

The best way to get things done in cases like this is to stay connected.

Google hangouts is a great way to stay connected, exchange messages and conference calls while in the comfort of your own home. It helps you keep the channel of communication open and clear amongst yourselves.

Google Drive

We can’t emphasize enough how absolutely life-saving can be for anybody.

You Google Drive can create documents, presentations, spreadsheets and save it on your drive you can access it remotely from any device anywhere without having to carry memory sticks or hard drives.

You can create shared folders to give access to relevant people and make things easier.

Tools to use for your girl boss empire

Google Analytics

If you have your own start-up and have a website running there are a few things you need to know, like the kind of feedback users leave and other stuff like that.

Knowing all this will help you make changes that allow you to iron out the creases in your plan. Google Analytics helps you do just that.

It helps you track what your users like and what could use improvement. It helps you improve your user interface by the fold.

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OptinMonster is a user-friendly plugin you can use to create pop forms or lead generation forms for your website.

It analyzes form conversions and will tell you how each form is faring. There are design options. This is one tool which will help you build an email list.

Email lists are important for any business and you should work on building one. Here are some other tips to help understand how to build an email list.

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Tools to use for your girl boss empire! Read this article for a few pointers!


Our post would be incomplete if we didn’t mention this email service provider.

Today almost everybody is using Gmail but only about a fraction of them are using it to their full capacity.

Check out our post on Gmail hacks every girl boss should know to make your inbox and outbox run like a well-oiled machine.

Tools to use for your girl boss empire


Trello is a web-based project management application that makes all your systems run so much more smoothly and productively.

The best part about it is that it is free of cost and a complete must have.

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Pinterest may seem like the lesser important social media platforms and you may be reluctant to add it to your daily round of social media marketing but it contributes greatly to marketing and more and more people are now using it for that purpose solely.

On Pinterest, the path to purchase of product or service is more direct than other social media platforms.

Tools to use for your girl boss empire


When you start out you can’t usually afford to blow up a lot of money on expensive graphic designers.

Canva helps you create graphics for your company and does everything that a professional graphic designer would do and that too for free.

These are some simple inexpensive ways you can increase the productivity of your startup empire and get closer to your goals steadily. We really hope we helped! All the best, Girl Boss!