Ways to travel in style like a girl boss

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Travelling is just so exhausting; even for a Girl Boss!

Don’t you just wish you could travel around like a celebrity breezily looking perfect and so in style?

Our tips won’t make the travel fatigue go away but it will surely tell you how to travel in style and comfort making your trip a little bit less of a hot mess.

Travel trendy

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The most important part of going away on a holiday or on a business trip is to travel comfortably while being fashionable.

A girl boss would never pack a million things and still not have anything to wear, she always packs smart and knows what she wants.

There’s no point making your luggage heavier by packing your entire wardrobe, here are the essential fashion pieces you should absolutely have while travelling.

Follow these travel fashion tips and trust us your packing will be a million times easier.

  • The perfect airport outfit that is comfy and fashionable: a pair of crop jeans, a white tee-shirt and low heeled mules.

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  • A little black dress that you can style formally or casually depending on your requirement is a must have.
  • A shawl is an absolute essential you can use it to keep warm as well as a piece of your outfit.
  • A pair of comfortable shoes

Statement travel accessories

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If you want to travel in style, luggage plays a huge part in it. Customized luggage bags are usually expensive but you can set your luggage apart from the others on the baggage carousel is by attaching a cute trendy luggage tag.

You can also put your passport in a handy passport holder or passport covers making spotting your passport in the abyss of your handbag easier.

You can find them here:

Travel tote

The contents of our travel handbag can never be the same as your daily use handbag.

There are a million things you need when you travel that's why it's imperative you organise your handbag.

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The kind of handbag perfect for travelling is a nice sturdy tote bag.

You can put in all your essentials in this one roomy bag and have everything you need near you without having to carry another hand luggage.

Here are our recommendations

Travel sized toiletries 

Being saddled with luggage won’t aid your aim of travelling with style and comfort.

But there are some toiletries and makeup essentials that you absolutely can’t travel without.

But carry full sized bottles of these products can take up a lot of space and make your luggage heavy there is also the chance of them leaking out and completely ruining the rest of your stuff.

A smart way to carry your beauty essentials as well as avoid the mess is to transfer a small quantity to empty travel size bottles and containers. It will save you space and the mess.

You can find it here:

Sultry Shades

Nothing absolutely levels up the glam factor of your outfit than a huge pair of statement shades.

They’ll also solve the dual purpose of covering your tired eyes when you get off a plane.

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You can just redo your lipstick and put on huge shades to look glamorous without having to do anything about tired eyes.

Every girl has her own style and her comfort zone so this is just a generalized guideline you can build your travel plans on.

So go girl have a blast now that you know how to travel in style while being comfortable!

Safe travels!

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