What to do When You Hate Your Job

There are a ton of people out there who have trouble with their work.

Having thoughts like “ I hate my job, what do  I do?” is like probably the most common thought out there in the workforce.

But it really isn't as simple as quitting and doing something else.

That is not the solution for all the discontent you feel.

There is a very smart systematic way you should go about it.

It isn’t easy and that’s where we come in.

We intend on helping you get a clearer picture of your work situation and tell you what to do if you hate your job.

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What to do When You Hate Your Job

Don’t be too vocal about it

In situations like this, the last thing you need is the negative attention you’ll get from your colleagues and manager when they hear you vehemently going on about how miserable you are.

Tone it down a bit.

Don’t express your discontent ever so blatantly.

Don’t express your thoughts regarding your job on social media, keep it limited to people you are close to.

There are a lot of employers who see the candidates social media for an assessment and complaining about your job could paint you in a bad light for future endeavors.

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Desire! That’s the one secret of every man’s career. Not education. Not being born with hidden talents. Desire.
— Johnny Carson

Don’t quit impulsively

When you hate your job quitting your job is an idea that makes its appearance a couple million times a day but we can’t stress enough about how that’s not the way to go.

Even if you feel you can’t go through a day more at your workplace, soldier through, till you find a position elsewhere that is up to your satisfaction level.

Do not hand in your notice until your near future has a clear path.

Quitting and following your dreams sounds like a great idea, but for that, you need to know where to go so don’t be hasty.

What to do When  You Hate Your Job

Assess yourself

If you hate your job it’s clear as day that you have some serious reason for dissatisfaction.

Very calmly asses yourself and figure out what is causing the dissatisfaction.

The question you need to be answered is, is it you or the job.

Because if the dissatisfaction is internal, getting a different job won’t help.

You’ll be unhappy there as well.

Is it salvageable?

This is the one thing you need to ask yourself.

When you are done assessing the situation and finally have a clearer idea as to what the issue is.

You have to ask yourself, is the situation salvageable?

Will talking to a superior help the situation.

A lot of times the issue is not the employer but the job description if you feel you can talk to a manager or a superior about your issue and it can be resolved, you need to do it! It would save you a whole lot of trouble.

What to do When  You Hate Your Job

Career goals

When you assess yourself you also have to factor in your career goals.

You need to fix a particular target you aim to achieve career-wise.

If you feel you just have to leave and look for a different job, then do it after careful considerations and after being aware of all the risks and consequences.

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Give your best

Even if you decide to quit, don’t slack off on your job.

Continue giving your best to your work until you get a lucrative position elsewhere.

This is beneficial because if you work hard and give your best you’ll get glowing recommendations when you do leave, there is also the chance that if you give your 100% you may see things differently and during the duration, things may get better and you won’t have to leave.

What to do When  You Hate Your Job

Quit with grace

When you finally resign it is very tempting to be vapid about it and express how you can’t wait for the notice period to be over and leave.

But hold that in! Hand in your resignation and be careful of what you say.

Your next employer may call in for a reference and bad blood won’t help.

So work out the two-week notice with grace and leave with the satisfaction of knowing you are now set on a path to a better place.

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Hating your job is the worst thing ever, but you need to know you are not alone!

Talk to your close ones about it listen to what they think it may help you get a different perspective.

Don’t worry things will always turn up sooner rather than later!