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How to Calm your Mind

How to Calm your Mind

Do you ever reach that peak point of your anxiety and stress, when there is an avalanche of thoughts rushing through your head, and you can’t think straight even if your life depended on it?

Such moments are when we reach the farthest point of our endurance, and a breakdown could be imminent.

If we are able to take the reins into our hands and control our mind, we could do so much better in life.

Even in the middle of all the frenzy, there is a voice of sanity at the back of your mind that tells you to calm down, that everything will be alright.

All you need to do is find that voice and listen to it.

How to Build Self-Discipline

How to Build Self-Discipline

You have everything planned out.

You have morning routine set and ready, waiting to be followed. You have your weekly schedules and plans ready.

All that needs to be done now is for you to start following them.

But no matter how much you try, you always end up falling out of all the plans you made.

Don’t worry, initially, this is the case for millions of other people around the world. What we all lack is self-discipline.

Self-discipline is not something you’re born with, it’s something you teach yourself with practice and a lot of patience.

The key to self-discipline is mastering self-control.

The strength to fight that urge to have a tub of ice cream when you’re on a diet.

The ultimate way to build self-discipline and maintain self-control is to always have a clear idea of what your ultimate goal is.

How to be Happy in Life

How to be Happy in Life

When we are in our twenties, we have to face adulthood in all its full force.

This the time that we’re stressed about our life, our career, our future, pretty much everything.

There is no need to lead such a distressed life!

There are so many ways we can find happiness in our daily lives, in small things and in big things.

We all think of happiness as something we have to reach after a long journey.

But happiness is something that accompanies us throughout our life.

Joy and sorrow are like two sides of the same coin.

We all are finding new ways to be happy in life.

Here are some of the little things you can practice to be happy more often and led a joyful life.

How to Change Your Life

How to Change Your Life

Have you always thought about changing your life?

Do you often feel like there is something, some crucial piece of the puzzle that is missing from this life that needs to be put in the right place so that you can feel complete?

When someone says that she wants to change her life, they often refer to one big change, like a new career or a new relationship that is going to have big ripples in their entire life.

But is it always just about one decision?

10 Best blogs for Self Care

10 Best blogs for Self Care

More than any other source, we tend to depend on blogs for most information today.

Blogs have a very personal way of conveying what we need.

Reading blogs is like talking to a friend. Since most blogs focus on niche topics, we can find exactly what we’re looking for.

One such genre includes blogs on self-care.

We’re all on the path to becoming better people and living our lives to the fullest.

There is no sure recipe to it, but since we’re so used to following directions to do pretty much anything, some of us could do with instructions and how-tos for improving ourselves.

Self-care blogs are the answer to this.

Self-care actually includes everything else we may want to do, like getting in shape, learning a new skill, or becoming more productive.

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Sunday hacks for girl bosses

Sunday hacks for girl bosses

Sunday is both the best and the worst day of the week.

The best because you can wake up late and relax and do what you want and worst because as the day proceeds the dread of the upcoming Monday starts setting it making you feel like a deer in the headlights with Monday morning and the rest of the week coming at you with full blast.

So you can either choose to wallow in self-pity and dread what’s to come or prepare your arsenal for facing the week ahead of you.

Girl Boss Guide to productive morning routine

Girl Boss Guide to productive morning routine

What is the essence of every Girl Boss?

Is it her formidable will? or her breezy attitude even under pressure? 

I'd say it's all about having a productive morning routine and also...

It is her ability to extract the maximum of whatever resources she has. It is her ability to make everyday a 100% productive, that makes her a Girl Boss! 

If you really want to get out there and kick some serious butt behind you need to reach your potential and go beyond it.

Here are our simple tips to guide you in your quest of attaining maximum productivity.

Self-care for girl bosses

Self-care for girl bosses

A Girl Boss’s life is usually just one long to-do list with tasks after tasks, target after target, hurdle after hurdle.

And don’t get me wrong, I get it encourage it too!

Setting goals and achieving it, empowering yourself is what you do if you want to be a Girlboss but what’s essential is that you don’t lose yourself amidst all that.

It’s important that you remember your productivity and energy are directly proportional to your own personal state of body and mind.

Girl Boss Guide to getting ready for spring!

Girl Boss Guide to getting ready for spring!

After a cold and harsh winter, we delve into the freshness of spring, a time to shrug off the lull of the winter’s frost.

Spring is the time when nature undergoes a process of change and renewal. As we are also an important part of nature, and our lives depend on nature and its processes, it’s important that we too take part in this process of change.

We are well-acquainted with the ritual of “spring cleaning” which is a very important manifestation of this process.

At the onset of spring, we clean out our physical surroundings and make way for a new and fresh beginning.